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So I’ve yet to update you on our DANI Awards and in the mean time we’ve actually been nominated for another one, UTV Business Eye Awards 2012, which we went to last week! So awards appear to be like buses, none and then two together and all that…

Firstly, it was the DANI Awards that were held last month. Some of us were fortunate enough to get off at 2pm to get our hair and faces made-up but that was just the men! Then we had time for a quick drink and made our way, feeling very James Bond-esque to the new Titanic building in Belfast.

When we got there we were treated to a lovely drinks reception and then we made our way through to “THE” staircase! Rather surprisingly it was even nicer than we had expected with candles and the tables set up. Nuala McKeever from ‘Give My Head Peace’ fame was the compere for the evening and for me personally, there were times when I thought just that! How and ever there were a few laughs from the crowd and the evening got off without a hitch!

We ate before the awards were given out and the meal was absolutely amazing! Three courses that consisted of delicious salmon for starters, one of the best chicken dishes for mains and very soft and delicate sponge cake for dessert! I know we’re sounding like wannabe Nigella’s but it really was so good! ?

After dinner Nuala took to the stage again and delivered the awards. As some of you may know, we didn’t win ours and of course, we were very gracious in defeat! However our client, PearUp won Best Mobile App!! Although we / they would have loved to won, no one thought they would with competition from Power NI, Northern Bank and Titanic so it was fantastic for them to take the top prize! Following that we enjoyed the rest of our night!

As mentioned, we also went to the UTV Business Eye Awards 2012 last week and again we got ourselves all done over! The men can churn out the same gear each time but us ladies obviously need a new frock! This time the awards were in the Culloden Estate and Spa and at the rate we’re going we’ll see most of the prestigious buildings in Belfast by Christmas! Again there was a drinks reception, lovely music by violinists and dinner was served before the awards.

Dinner was equally delicious except for the starter of pears, walnuts and Stilton cheese, which divided the camp, followed by beef and a selection of desserts! Again we missed out on the awards but the entertainment, food and drinks made for a great night all the same!

So there you have it – all our gallivanting and the fun we had while doing it! We’re already looking forward to the next one, hopefully!